What a Beautiful World

We live in a truly wonderful world, full of beauty and amazement. There are amazing experiences just waiting to be explored around every corner, and probably even more frequently than that.

But, how often do we see these? Or how often do we just dismiss them as another part of our everyday life? I’m at fault here, I often times give very little thought to what is going on around me. But, I also experience the other side. I have sat, in the middle of my backyard, and watched, observed, and truly seen what is going on around me, and it makes me want to observe more, see more, and experience more.

This is it, guys, where I start opening up my store of knowledge.

Life shouldn’t be lived to be bypassed. If we only focus on our work, but brush past all of the wonder along our way, how will we ever find that wonder? There is so much more to life than just work, so much more than we can possibly imagine.

And the only way to see all of that beauty is to practice.

Step One: Practice

Observe for maybe 10 minutes a day, letting no detail evade your perception. It might seem hard at first, there might be other things pressing for your time, but try it. Even if you have to cut it down to one minute looking out your window as you brush your teeth. Just make sure to practice. The more you practice, the more you will find yourself observing and taking note of the world around you subconsciously.

The topic of what you observe doesn’t matter. It is up to you. While some may observe the road, traffic, and what they are driving by on the road, others may choose to focus on the wilderness they are running through. Or the bus they are traveling on. Or the skyscrapers they pass. It’s up to you. Just remember, you need all 5 senses to observe completely. Too often we only see, but we don’t take note of the scent or the sound of things.

It might be a good idea to purchase a book on mindfulness, which is meant to help you become more aware, not just of what’s around you, but yourself as well. I have taken a class in Mindfulness, and it was a help to me, not just in observing, but with stress management and my general attitude. I would highly recommend at least checking out a book from the library on the subject.

And, remember guys, I’m working towards the same goal, so I will offer any pointers and suggestions I can.

Here’s the first pointer: Don’t get discouraged if you forget. I have, already. I am several steps ahead, but I’ve made it through my own days of forgetting. I’ll walk blindly into my house, only later remembering I was supposed to observe. I have forgotten things, not taken note of clues, and been as blind to the world around me as I had been before. But keep pushing on! It doesn’t matter if you forget, just as long as you remember! Some day, it will be as natural to you as walking about blind was before.


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