About Me

Hello there everyone, a little about me. Me, I’m a writer that just happens to be burdened with such matters as high school. For me, writing is fun, relaxing, and enjoyable, but more than that, it is a lifestyle. Writing has given me a different view on the world, a view that I wish to share with you. In my personal opinion, there is no one who’s life story is not worth knowing, no one who is so utterly normal that there isn’t beauty and wonder there. Each of you, every single person that reads this, has something to offer to the world, something unique to them.

Many of you might be saying, “he can’t possibly mean me.” But yes, yes I do. This blog isn’t here to get me rich and famous. No, I don’t care about that. Instead, I wish to help change your perspective on life, showing you the beauty of every day.

And, while I will oftentimes talk about my writing, I want to talk about your hobbies, likes, and dreams. I will share things I have found, tips that have helped me look differently at the world, books that have opened my eyes, and people that have touched me or someone else in marvelous ways.

Here’s to a more wonderful future!



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