Day One

Here it is, day one. I am sitting at the keyboard with my hands hovering over the keys, wondering if this is all a big mistake. What if people won’t read? WHat if they don’t like it? What if one of them decides to come after me with a rusty knife?

You know, I’ve really got to stop that. Oh well. That doesn’t change the fact that I am nervous about this. I’m not normally a social person, and here I am, publishing a blog. It doesn’t seem to mix well, does it?

But, here it is: I feel like I have something to share, something that is desperately lacking in this modern world. And I feel like I can help others see the beauty and wonder in the world around me. Call me a romantic, call me plain crazy, that’s what I feel like.

SO, here’s day one, the day it all begins. We are starting off, taking a journey together. Soon, I hope that you will be living a more vivid, more memorable, and more meaningful life. And, I hope I can help you get there.

Let’s go!



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