Guys, I’m sorry it’s been so long since I got on. I’ve been busy with school and haven’t had a chance to even look at my blog. Here I was trying to do a post a day, and there’s a what, almost 2 month break? So, yeah, I’m going to have to cut it down to a post a week or maybe a couple a week, but I’m not done yet! I still have some fire left! So let’s get back to it! i have stopped my observation, but I’m hoping to change that. I’m planning on presenting a couple new areas I’ve found that help to keep life from getting crazy and hectic, and I’ve gotten some new ideas for this whole mindfulness thing. Well, until next time!


The First Few Days

It’s been a couple days, and for me, that means a couple days where I set off the tempo for the rest of my project. These first few days are important, because they are the days that decide whether you make it or break it. For your own individual goals, whether they are to become more aware or anything else that is important to you, the first days are the most important.

Some say it takes 20 days of doing something to make it a habit. I say it can take no more than a couple dedicated days and a healthy dose of determination. After those first few days, it becomes easier. After each day after that, it requires less and less focus. It is not a constant, difficult struggle through the 20 days, but a struggle through a few days and then, well, a little less each day.

If these first few days have been hard for you, don’t give up. I’ve made that mistake too many times, and it get’s you nowhere. Don’t take a break and restart. That doesn’t help anyone. No, just keep working. It doesn’t matter if you have failed for 20 days in a row, just get one day in, one good day, and you have already one more than half the battle. And, if you fail the next day, it doesn’t matter, as long as you get back up.

I’m in the same boat, guys. I’ve had less than a 50% success rate with my awareness practice. But I’m continuing to try. I’m not going to give up, and neither should you.

Cheers to a more attainable future! We can build a world where our goals are in reach, where we can become who we want to become. It doesn’t take much, only a few, good days.


Day One

Here it is, day one. I am sitting at the keyboard with my hands hovering over the keys, wondering if this is all a big mistake. What if people won’t read? WHat if they don’t like it? What if one of them decides to come after me with a rusty knife?

You know, I’ve really got to stop that. Oh well. That doesn’t change the fact that I am nervous about this. I’m not normally a social person, and here I am, publishing a blog. It doesn’t seem to mix well, does it?

But, here it is: I feel like I have something to share, something that is desperately lacking in this modern world. And I feel like I can help others see the beauty and wonder in the world around me. Call me a romantic, call me plain crazy, that’s what I feel like.

SO, here’s day one, the day it all begins. We are starting off, taking a journey together. Soon, I hope that you will be living a more vivid, more memorable, and more meaningful life. And, I hope I can help you get there.

Let’s go!